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School Briefing

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Education 3.0 Companion Web Site

Introduction article podcast no português

1. Recognize the Need for Change

Education 1-2-3: text, podcast, slide show, online companion, Portuguese
Education 3.0: narrated slide show
Julian Germain's Classroom Portraits
Student Engagement Drops: Gallup Poll

2. Set the Vision

Sample Day in the Life stories from:

CIO's Guide to Vision and Planning: ePub, pdf
Vittra Telefonplan School, Sweden architecture

3. Scan the System

    • Education 3.0 Inventory: PDF, online
    • Faculty Technology Profile: text, online

4. Plan for Action

5. Adopt the Plan

6. Build Education 3.0

7. Monitor and Refresh

A Day in the Life at UTCC, Two Years Later